Boost your business - Invest in Novi Sad
The Prime Minister of Vojvodina Dr Bojan Pajtic, the Israeli Ambassador in Serbia H.E. Arthur Kohl and the Mayor of Novi Sad Mr Igor Pavlicic along with the owners of BIG CEE Company laid the foundation stone for the construction of BIG shopping center.

The new shopping mall will be built in just four kilometers from the center of Novi Sad and it will comprise 30,000 square meters of top brands stores and outlets, with 1,500 parking lots free of charge.

- This is a very important investment for Novi Sad and Serbia, as it offers 500 new jobs and sends a positive image of Novi Sad and Serbia as places worth investing in. When it comes to foreign and domestic investment, I am convinced that this is just the beginning. I assure you that the City of Novi Sad will provide maximum support to everyone who are decides to start their business here - said Mr Pavlicic.

The Company CEO Mr Eitan Barzeev thanked the mayor for, as he pointed out, great assistance that has helped realization of the project despite the economic crisis.

- During the last 10 years 6.5 billion euros have been invested in Vojvodina and 60 000 people have been employed. Implementation of this project will certainly encourage other Israeli companies to invest here - said Dr Pajtic.

According to H.E. Arthur Kohl this is the largest Israeli investment in Vojvodina.

-Israeli investors have not lost their faith during the economic crisis - it only slowed them down a little bit - he said.

The new shopping mall should be completed in about a year and all employees will be hired in Serbia.

Novi Sad, 6 June 2011