Economic Council of the City of Novi Sad

Economic Council of the City of Novi Sad

The Economic Council of the City of Novi Sad was formed in February 2009 as an advisory body to the Mayor for the issues of economic development of the city and with the aim to involve the business sector in activities that lead to the creation of positive business environment in Novi Sad. The Economic Council has a president, a deputy president, a secretary and members comprised of representatives of the economy, the University of Novi Sad, the Novi Sad Fair and the National Employment Service.

The role of the Council members is to stimulate drafting of the successful strategy of economic development with their ideas and experience and to enable positive business environment in the city.

The tasks of the Economic Council are:           

  • To provide opinions on the issues related to the economic development of the City to the Mayor,
  • To initiate discussions about the issues and to take appropriate measures to improve the economic development of the City,
  • To participate in drafting strategic documents related to economic development, Annual Plans and Programmes and their implementation,
  • To propose appropriate forms for cooperation between the authorities of the City, services, public enterprises and institutions and other organisations for the purpose of improving the economic development of the City.


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