The Mayor represents the City and acts on its behalf, and performs an executive function in the City of Novi Sad. The Mayor is appointed by the Novi Sad City Assembly among the councillors for a four-year term, by secret ballot, with the consent of an absolute majority of all members. The Mayor has a Deputy who assists him in his work and replaces him in case of his absence and when he is prevented to perform his duties. The Chairperson of the City Assembly proposes the candidate for the Mayor. The candidate for the Mayor proposes the candidate for the Deputy Mayor from the complement of the councillors and he is appointed by the City Assembly in the same way as the City Mayor. The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor are permanently employed with the City Administration.

Miloš Vučević, Mayor of Novi Sad

The Mayor is simultaneously the Chairman of the City Council with the right to vote.

Authorities of the Mayor of Novi Sad include the following:

  1. Representing and acting on behalf of the City;
  2. Proposing the way of solving the issues to be decided by the City Assembly;
  3. He is the Authorising Officer for the City budget and he decides on the permanent and current budget reserves;
  4. Directing and co-ordinating the work of the city secretariats and providing organisational, material and other conditions for their work;
  5. Adopting by-laws for which he is authorised by the law, statute or the decision by the City Assembly;
  6. Convening and presiding over the meetings of the City Council;
  7. Performing other activities set out by the Statute and other legal acts of the City Assembly.