The Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, received today in a farewell visit the Ambassador of Italy to Serbia H.E. Carlo Lo Cascio in the City Hall, who has been the head of the Italian diplomatic mission in Belgrade for the previous four years.

Mayor Vučević pointed out the good cooperation between the Italian Embassy and the City of Novi Sad, and thanked Ambassador Lo Cascio for his diplomatic efforts to contribute to the improvement of relations between the two countries.

The interlocutors referred to important events during the mandate of Ambassador Lo Cascio and concluded that significant progress had been made in the political and economic relations between Italy and Serbia, which directly affected the local level, i.e. good intercity cooperation. They especially emphasized the rapprochement of the two countries during the great challenges during the pandemic, where both Serbia and Italy proved to be loyal partners and friends to each other.

Ambassador Carlo Lo Cascio said that he was honored to represent his country in Serbia and thanked for the support provided to him during his work by all institutions and associates. He wished Mayor Vučević a good representation of Novi Sad in the year of the title European Capital of Culture, as well as success in the continuation of his mandate.

Mayor Vučević emphasized that he was glad that the Ambassador chose to visit Novi Sad before leaving the country for a new duty, during the largest fair event in the region, the International Agricultural Fair, where many Italian companies take part every year.