1st TRIBUTE Transnational Stakeholders Network meeting held in Novi Sad

On 29 July 2022, the first meeting of TRIBUTE Transnational Stakeholders Network was held in Novi Sad, parallel to the 4th Steering Committee Meeting of the TRIBUTE Project.

Stakeholder, members of Living labs from the partner cities of Milan, Maribor, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Podgorica, Patras, Sarajevo, and Novi Sad, had a key role in the meeting. The topic of the first TMS meeting was to examine how the stakeholder perceive their role in the implementation of the TRIBUTE project and development of the Transnational Stakeholder Network with the aim of improving urban mobility in the Adriatic-Ionian region. The participants view the exchange of knowledge and experience as the possibility to create partnerships for the future projects dealing with mobility in the region as the primary benefit of the Network at this stage of development.

Partners’ representatives discussed in detail the functioning and goals of the Transnational network and it was agreed that after the meeting the partners will submit their opinions on the proposed models of operation of the network, as well as, their proposal for their participation in the network.

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