How to register a business entity

The procedure for registering a business entity is implemented through the One Stop Shop, which enables business entities which register at the Business Registers Agency with the Decision on establishment to simultaneously obtain the registration/corporate identification number, taxpayer identification number (TIN), VAT registration and confirmation of the submitted application for compulsory social insurance of the founder who is at the same time registered as a representative of the company.

How to register a company

Documentation necessary for registration of a limited liability company:

  • Electronic registration application of establishment,
  • Agreement on Establishment of the company (decision for a single-member company or contract for a multi-member company) - signed with an electronic certificate of the founder or digitized in accordance with the law,
  • Proof of identity of company members (for national natural persons – photocopy of ID, for foreigners – photocopy of passport or photocopy of ID if it had been issued to the foreigner, or a registration certificate if the founder is a legal entity that is not registered with the Business Registers Agency),
  • Decision on the appointment of the authorized representative, if not specified in the Agreement on Establishment,
  • Bank statement confirming that the cash deposit was made, if the deposit is being made prior to foundation; or, agreement of the members on assessing the value of the non-cash contribution, that is, the assessed value of the non-cash contribution, if the contribution is provided prior to foundation.
  • Proof of payment of registration fee for the establishment of business                                   

For information about the necessary documentation for registration of other types of legal entities please visit the Business Registers Agency website at

How to register a sole proprietorship

Documentation necessary for the sole proprietorship registration:

  • Unified application for registration of business and other entities and their addition to the unified register of taxpayers,
  • Proof of the entrepreneur's identity (for national natural persons – photocopy of ID, for foreigners – photocopy of passport / foreign ID card, i.e. a photocopy of the ID card, if issued to a foreigner,
  • Proof of payment of entrepreneur's registration fee,                                                              
  • Permit, consent and other act of a competent authority, if that is mandatory in line with a special law as the condition for registration.

Starting from 2018, the Business Registers Agency enabled the establishment of an entrepreneur electronically.

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